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Faculty Feedback


I am blown away by the talent of this year’s art students! I love seeing their ideas and emotions expressed through such a variety of mediums. Go CPH!

Ms. Chandler

It is amazing to see the art! The talent and creativity is outstanding.

Mrs. Stevens

I’m not an artist, so I envy those who are, including practically all of our students. Whether it’s how they express their emotions or communicate their community, color me jealous.

Mr. Colby

Great job art students of CPH!!  It is so awesome to see how you have used your Cerebral and Frontal Cortexes for some awesome art!!

Mr. Uriona

I am very impressed with the talent, but especially the effort I see the students putting into their art projects for the class and the show.

Mr. Davies

It is evident that CPH has students with strong artistic abilities.  The creativity and imagination that is displayed runs deep.  Students work hard and it shows.  It is so fun to see their inspiration and expressiveness come to life.

Mrs. Perkins


I am always super impressed by the talent of our CPH artists each year.  I love the creativity!

Mr. Epperson

Such talent and passion for the arts! These students work so hard and display such amazing art and I am so happy I get to witness all of it! Great, great talent!

Mrs. MacDonald


We have such amazing students at CPH!  I am in awe of all their beautiful artwork.

Mrs. Guerra

Creating art takes hard work, imagination, and courage. Qualities our CPH students showcase everyday.

Mr. Hinckley


We have some amazing students who have great talent and work hard to foster their abilities, and it shows with the pieces at the art show.

Mr. Haslem

I always look forward to the art show! I am continually impressed by the displays of creativity, through different mediums, expression and sheer talent. It's a fun way to better know and celebrate our students! They are pretty amazing! We are incredibly lucky to have Ms. Wagner, with her passion, who collaborates with and inspires our students in generating something pretty stinking cool!

Ms. Funn


I am always in awe that our students are so willing to share their talents with others.  We have a super talented group of artists these use all kinds of mediums to express themselves.  Congratulations to all the students who participated and thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Mr. Welch

I am always impressed by the amount of talent the students at CPH have.  They show skill, creativity, and imagination through their art that is extraordinary.  We are so blessed by the talent out students at CPH share with us and the world.

Ms. Meads


This year’s Art Show is a celebration and an opportunity to connect after a year of disconnection due to COVID-19. Art always provides insight into who we are and how we are doing…but it is especially true this year. I congratulate our students on their exceptional submissions

Mrs. Jones

Ms. Wagner has created such a great learning environment for the students here.  The art work is just amazing.  I give so much credit to this amazing teacher who has taught them so well and they have created amazing pieces.

Ms. Held

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