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2020 Student Gallery

Kaylee Stong

The photos in this portfolio all share a common theme and that is escape-reading. Escape-reading is a very important subject to the photographer, Kaylee Stong. This theme is important to her because she uses reading as a way to escape from reality. The reason why she picked this theme is because it is unique and she can make it special in a lot of different ways. An example of this would be she could either go for a more cheerful aesthetic or she could go for a darker one. The aesthetic used in this portfolio is a darker one the photos are in black and white and tend to be darker and have been edited to make them more visually pleasing. These photos are supposed to feel a bit chaotic but also bring a sense of calm when you see that the person isn’t chaotic like their surroundings.

Kaitlyn Woodard

Kaitlyn Woodard’s portfolio is based on mythology; specifically Norse and Greek.  The stories behind some mythological characters, such as Medusa, Cyclops, Freya, and Marmenill intrigue and have deep meaning to Kaitlyn.  They have deep meanings that stand out to her, and she puts these meanings into her art.  Some may be vague, some may be obvious.   Meanings like One Perspective; someone only willing to see one point of view.Kaitlyn picked this theme because of personal interests and extensive research.  After some research, she found some things really left an impression on her.  Symbolic imagery is in the midst of Kaitlyn’s favorites.  She likes Harry Potter, and loved finding out that Fenrir Greyback was named after Loki the god of mischief’s son, Fenrir the monstrous wolf.  Small details are the most interesting to her. One of the biggest influences are the creatures, because of the fascinating stories behind them, because of their captivating stories and tales that we are able to relate to during modern times.  Stories that involve protection over close family and friends, or hurt feelings that cause people to relate to such old novels that dates back over 2,000 years...Kaitlyn wants her artworks to relate to people. Creativity comes easily to Kaitlyn, she is thoughtful and methodical; she takes great care in every piece of her artwork. You will not be disappointed!

Trinity Waite

The portfolio is meant to show emotion through color, form, and elements. Throughout all of the pieces, the artist put their emotion into the piece. Some pieces are pleasant, others are not, overall, they all vary. The main point is to convey an emotion. The artist picked this theme because of the impact emotions and art have had on their life. They saw other people making emotional pieces, and they wanted to do that too, but in their own way. Each piece is meant to have it’s own unique feel, but still fit with an emotion. The artist was mostly influenced by the experiences in their life and many artists on Instagram, specifically @meyoco and @purple_draws. They have a very cartoonist style and very inspiring colors, and the artist has been influenced a lot by them. They wanted to do something like that, but add emotion to it. Why should you invest in them as an artist? This artist works purely based on what they are inspired to do. No one is telling them what to do, no one is making them do anything, they are doing this out of passion. They are sharing a part of themselves with the world. They want to show what they’ve been through, and how life can have both ups and downs. They also want to show what it’s like to live with a mental illness. So won’t the world come along with them?

Sam Spalding

This portfolio's theme is 'Unrealistic Realism' and it focuses on the opportunities that drawing can show and how it can create something that is unable to exist in the real world but can exist on paper. The theme was inspired by M. C. Escher's 'Relativity' which consists of stairways leading every witch way in a building that was on its side, upside down, and right side up with people interacting with the area. 

Scott O'Driscoll

Scott’s theme is trucks, trucks, and more trucks. He started out wanting to express his passion for lifted trucks in his artwork but his theme grew to include the environment his trucks are in also. Scott’s artistic influence is from seeing and noticing the details in all the lifted pickup trucks when driving around town and on the freeway. There are many varieties in body style, colors, and how high the trucks are lifted, or not. Some trucks are designed well and others need to be improved, per Scott. The 1st Gen trucks with their square body are his first pick followed by 4th Gen, then 3rd Gen and finally 2nd Gen. Sometimes all Scott sees are the trucks and sometimes he sees what the trucks are doing like getting repaired or actually working in construction or on the ranch. Scott’s passion for trucks began years ago and has evolved with time.  When Scott sees a truck, his mind starts processing the design weaknesses and strengths per his way of thinking. Scott tries to tell his family and friends what he likes, and doesn’t like, with the trucks he sees but they don’t always agree with his ideas. Working with colored pencils is his current medium but there is still a lot he wants to create and can’t seem to create it the way he wants to with colored pencils; camo sheeting for example.  Scott wants to show design changes and color changes and colored pencils work great in that way. He wants to show so much more with his artwork but the “power” of a 6.7 Cummins Turbo Diesel engine is hard to portray on paper. Red and black are his favorite colors with camo thrown in there too. Once Scott progressed to trucks pulling trailers, he went all out and tried cows and horses too.

Hayley Pouslon

Hayley Poulson's portfolio is full of artwork that is created, surrounding her theme of  “The Night Sky”. She came up with this theme idea for her art pieces, because she loves night skies and how mystical they can be or feel. This then gave her thoughts about how she can create this theme, through painting and with different techniques and colors. As Hayley creates more paintings, she feels like she’s becoming a little better more and more and each new piece that’s made is better than the last. Some of her influence for her art and theme comes from when she was younger. She would love looking up into the night sky and be lost in looking up at all the stars above. As an artist Hayley feels that people should invest in her artwork, because it represents all the time and hard work she puts into her creations on something she loves and can maybe have a chance in inspiring others to make their own creations for what they love.

Micah Bakker

Conflict of color is the title of this art series. Conflict and color is apparent in everything around us if one takes a moment to look.  The definition of conflict being a difference of opinion is narrow.  Conflict takes on a new form in color. Each color fights for its own place on the canvas, but the beauty comes when they intermingle and combine to create rivers of color and the lines of definition are blurred. 

Experimentation by the artist with various methods while using basic primary and secondary colors, created new landscapes and an expanded color palette.  The artist pushed the edge of creativity by using grass, squirt guns and cups in order to create this series of artwork.  The joy that was felt in creating the art is shown in both the free-flowing style and in the use of bright colors.

Trinity Carruth

The 5 stages of grief detailed by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler Ross explains the psychological cycle of coming to terms with one that we have lost.  With the Covid-19 pandemic, society as a whole and each of us individually have had to go through theses stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance as we face the loss of a world we once knew.  The freedom to go places and do things in the way we used to are gone, perhaps forever.  This series of artwork shows those stages as the artist went through them.  It is cathartic to see the stages in picture and the artist hopes the viewer will connect to them.

Connor Bott

Conner Keddington

Zanen Coy

Nick Lowe

Trent Kilstrom

Trent Kilstrom,  grew up 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a very independent minded person when it comes to performing his artwork. He draws what inspires him. His main focus seems to be animals and nature . His style of art is very simplistic, simplistic line art is his style he is driven towards. Gene Davis was an American artist who specialized in line art and is an influence on his simplistic art.

Hannah Wilkinson

Within Hannah’s art there is a mysterious vibe, things aren't always what we believe, they have layers that often can be blurred together. Here, focus is utilized to present imagination that can be changed and interpreted differently to each viewer. Hannah explores the world of things that are just below the surface of what we come to expect in our everyday natural world. She has described herself as detail oriented, but not in the ways you would expect. She looks at the small things that don’t quite make sense in the flora, and prefers to let individualized imagination fill in the gaps. Her theme reflects this subconscious idea, and is influenced by myths, such as Celtic Folklore and old sailor tales. Hannah’s art is both beautiful and thought provoking, it portrays both physical detail and emotion leaving the end result up to the observer.

Emma Clarke

Mckell Glass

Mckell’s portfolio is essentially based on her passion and attraction to different aesthetics and tarot cards. Tarot cards are a treat because there are many different types and interpretation with all the cards. The artwork is always individual to the specific deck of tarot cards, and they all have the same meaning. The cards usually have one constant theme within one deck. The theme she is choosing for her portfolio is recreating the major arcana part of a deck of tarot cards, each in a different aesthetic. This is unique in her opinion because it allows her to study the cards, as well as create characters, and explore different aesthetics. Mckell’s influences come from her desire to make characters. The theme she has chosen allows her to do that. The spiritual world is something that is really inspiring and enjoyable to her. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her love of different styles and aesthetics that make things special. This affects the way she does art in many ways. Looking at unique pieces of art and knowing she can take her own route when creating art is very important to her. She thinks there shouldn’t be held back by any boundaries when it comes to art. She wouldn’t really want to pursue her art or be showing it off to people if there were limits put on her.

Hailey Johnson

Miles Gilbert

Miles portfolio is full of unique collection of seemingly random subjects inspired by a word generator. They all have a colorful background with a black and white subject. Miles did this to draw focus to the object and to draw inspiration from a "trippy" theme. Miles felt that the colorful art already out in the world was on the more simplistic side - making "trippy"art has organic lines, which helps make more interesting art to look at because every line isn't the same. There is a good amount of variety. Miles doesn't have any specific influence, Miles is just inspired by color.  

Jayden Canfield

Gladys Wood

Walker May

Jager Petroff

Hannah Jensen

Hannah uses her art as a way of interpreting the world around her. She uses it as a way of showing others how she sees the world. Nature is a big inspiration to her and she heavily involves it in many of her pieces. A lot of her art features animals. She likes to experiment with different mediums and techniques so that she can decide what works best for her. Art is something that Hannah has done for a long time as a way of connecting herself to the world, her favorite thing about art is being able to create something from an idea in her head and then make it a real, physical thing.

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