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Messages from Faculty

Here at Career Path High, faculty and staff are supportive and excited about all of the things that our students can do! Check out the feedback from staff about the talent at CPH!

CPH students are so talented! I loved the variety of talents on display at our 2021 talent show. I am so proud of our students! Go CPH!

- Ms. Chandler

New York Time’s best selling show…..2021 CPH Talent Show!!

- Mr. Uriona

Words cannot express how proud I am of our students. The amount of time and effort they put into their talents is simply amazing! I am inspired by them every day.

- Ms. Wagner

The talent show was so good!  I was amazed at all the talented students at CPH.  I enjoyed every minute!

- Mrs. Guerra

I’m so impressed with the variety of talents our CPH students showed this year.  And I’m so grateful that they were willing to share their talents with others!  It’s not easy getting in front of your peers, but the talent show participants knocked it out of the park and did a tremendous job.

- Mr. Welch

I am still in awe of the wonderful talent shared with us at the Career Path High Talent Show! It is evident of the hard work and dedication that went into preparing for this Talent Show. Ms. Wagner worked diligently with each of these students and this was truly conveyed with the sensational talent that we all so enjoyed! Very inspiring! :)

- Mrs. MacDonald

I was impressed with the dedication that the students put forth in preparing for the Talent Show. They showed up week after week to practice and rehearse. I saw the auditions and then saw the final performance. I think they improved and took a lot of pride in their performances. It was so much fun!!

- Mrs. Stevens

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the talents of our students displayed, particularly when those talents don’t fit nicely within the curriculum of the classes we offer, so it was a treat to see students really shine during the talent show. I always knew we had amazing students, but watching the talent show definitely underlined how truly wonderful they are. 

- Mr. Haslem

I didn’t get to really see it, but what I heard was AMAZING!  Our students are so talented!  I loved the variety of acts and how the other students showed up to watch and support each other.

- Ms. Meads

I feel like I should be paying money to see such a fine show, and I appreciate the practice that goes into performing. Thank you! I hope to see more of you next year!

- Mr. Colby

I was impressed by all the varied talent we have at our school. From bells to a short story, our students shared what they love to do. I sang along with the songs I knew and enjoyed songs I didn’t. I stood in awe as talent after talent was shared. CPH has the best student body ever.

- Mr. Hinckley

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